How to increase my revenues by getting a better understanding
of my retail store traffic flow?

Apleex offers a new service that allows you to get a better understanding of your in-store traffic flow. More than simple counters, Apleex identifies the in-store traffic patterns. According to research, the store lay out has a direct impact on sales conversion. Then, the better you understand retail store traffic, the more effective your store layout will be. The collected data will help you to comprehend your retail store traffic flow at a higher level and even compare several stores at a glance. Allowing you to make better business decisions based on the data you collect is our mission.

How many people are entering your store?
Which entrances are they using?
When are they coming?

Apleex places sensors in your store. Apleex Traffic Analysis Solution will not only tell you how many people are entering in your store, it will also give you which hours of the day, days of the week, and times of the year that your store is busiest. This information will allow you to more efficiently schedule your employees. Knowing the most commonly used entrances by your shoppers will also help you to plan out your entrance displays strategically. .

How successful are your promotions?

Where should you place them?

When is the best time?

In addition, you would also be able to correlate those information with your ongoing promotions whatever they are online or offline. By viewing directly the impact of your promotions on your store traffic you will be able to optimize them and increase your sales conversion. The direction of your retail store traffic affects how successful in-store promotions are.

As example, our sensors could be placed on each strategic section of your store will show you the traffic flow. You would then identify how many people are coming from the entrance to your promotion spot and then going to your cashier desk. You could adjust your promotions display on hot spots getting then a better impact on your sales. We offer to count and analyse your visitor traffic in store.

Our solution, based on the latest Bluetooth technology is more focused than Wi-Fi. Compare to beacon, we offer a powered solution. Once installed, no need to change batteries or check if the beacon is still there. The easiest way to collect traffic data, install and collect. Easy maintenance and bright support.

Our solution

We offer a real time analytics dashboard and we easily integrate to Google Analytics.

You can check your physical store audience in Google Analytics as you already do for your online store. For the first time, marketing teams can have the same tool to analyze traffic audience. We can also create some specific dashboards to compare simultaneously In-store traffic with online traffic.

The Apleex Traffic Analysis Solution works for all stores, from small to large ones


  • Gaming & Casinos
  • Retail & Shopping Mall
  • Public Sector

Key Features:

  • Retail Store Real Time Traffic Analysis·
  • Easy to install and configure·
  • Detailed Dashboards & Reports·
  • Aggregated Reports·
  • Data Convergence Online + In-store·Integration with Google Analytics·
  • Accurate In Store Traffic Flow·
  • Cloud Based Solution·
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Monthly Reporting & Analysis

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