Gathering qualified data for a growing business

How to increase revenues on your website? How to increase the conversion rate by understanding your visitor traffic flow?

Web analytics helps you understating your visitors’ journey. This is the key for getting better a conversion rate and identifying the potential bottle necks on your website. Measuring traffic flow and behavior over the site will help you make more accurate business decisions.

See how can we help to measure and understand your visitors’ behavior on your website? Our team of experts offers a wide variety of web analytics services… from the setup of a measurement plan to the implementation and tracking into your Google Analytics Account. We help our customers understand the visitors’ journey.

We define with them the most appropriate measurement plan with associated KPIs. We implement it into Google Tag Manager and your Google Analytics Account. In addition, our team can design the appropriate dashboards and reports for your audiences (Executive, Marketing, Product Manager, and Technical)

We are expert in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Web Analytics Services

Google Analytics 

  • Account Configuration
  • Dashboard creation
  • Personalized reports
  • Enhanced E-commerce deployment
  • Segment creation
  • Remarketing List
  • Attribution Modelling
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Event Tracking
  • Goals
  • Monthly reporting & Analysis

Google Tag Manager

  • Tagging Plan and Implementation
  • Account Configuration
  • Enhanced E-commerce Configuration
  • Remarketing Tags / FB Tags
  • Event Tracking

Increase your revenues by getting a better understating of your visitors!


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