We are digital marketing experts, using data as core information to perform the best strategy

Digital Marketing Performance

Whether you are an established e-commerce website or a new player Apleex can help you by optimizing your digital performance. Apleex manages your Digital Advertising Budget and optimizes it for getting more conversions, clicks and views. How to increase the conversions with the current advertising budget? How to generate more traffic without spending much? Apleex helps you defining the advertising strategy and performs it efficiently. Apleex has developed methodology and tools for better performances. Looking for getting online advertising results? Contact us!

Digital & Online Marketing Services

Putting the Digital strategy that helps increase qualified traffic to your website. Identifying the right channels and implementing the appropriate Content Marketing and increasing your visibility. Adding a focused remarketing strategy to deliver the right message to your audience and improving your conversion rate.

Apleex helps you along the Digital Journey, by defining and implementing the Digital Strategy that suits you.

Digital Transformation

Apleex is a specialized agency in Digital Transformation and E-business. We assist your team in all aspects of the Digital Transformation journey, our customers are in Europe and North America. Whether you are a large corporation looking for some expertise in Digital or a small medium company looking to implement or improve your Digital Strategy, Apleex can help. Our team of experts helps you defining and implementing the Digital Strategy that suits you the most. We work with all involved stakeholders within the organization (Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations…) and partners (Web Agency, Development companies). Apleex offers a complete 360 Digital Strategy.


Helping customers moving to E-commerce. Defining the best E-commerce strategy. Selecting the platform. Defining the new process and implementing the E-commerce transformation. We assist customers to implement and do the project management. We have a strong knowledge in E-commerce on several platforms such as Magento or Shopify. We also operate some E-commerce sites on a day to day basis.

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